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Katrina Mae Leuzinger

Fantasy author, freelance writer, and unrepentant smut peddler

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    Petra’s grandmother used to blame the fairies when things went missing around the house, but Petra didn’t really believe it until she caught one in the act. She also wasn’t expecting the thief to be a 6 1/2 ft tall, knock down gorgeous, fae called Raiker the Rogue, but then, Oma might have left a few things out of her bedtime stories. Like the fact that she had been hiding some sort of key, one that Raiker and a whole host of murderous, dark fairies are trying to find. With only her quick wit to protect her, Petra agrees to help Raiker find the key before the dark fairies do.

    The Fairy Thief is a fast-paced urban fantasy that transports readers from the fae-infested streets of Los Angeles to the High Court of Queen Titania, meeting sweary leprechauns, baby-snatching changelings, and homicidal pixies along the way.

Freelance Writer Extraordinaire

  • Highly skilled writer and editor in many forms of fiction and non-fiction including video game story development, journalism, blogging, social media management, advertising, playwriting, short stories, propaganda, stories for children, and novels

  • Proficient in Confluence, JIRA, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Marketeo, Wordpress, Final Draft, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office

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My Story

As a freelance writer and editor, I do a lot of work in journalism, advertising, and content development, but my real passion is for fiction. To that end, I'm rather fond of the script writing work I do for mobile and independent video games, where I can dream up things like, "Then the dragon statue comes to life and swallows the spider monster whole" and there's a room full of artists and programmers asking, "Should the whole statue come to life, or just one of the six heads?" (My Museum Story). I've developed a bit of a reputation in that industry for pouring my heart and soul into every project, when others in my position might have phoned it in. While that's served me well for video games, it broke my heart when I was ghost writing. I'm happy to see some of my novels, such as Her Bear in Mind, receive such stellar reviews, but I can no longer bear to see someone else's name on my work. So while I continued to get paid to write about the lack of skilled nursing care for local veterans and for adapting novels into scripts with branching dialogue, I started writing novels under my own name. My first book with my name on the cover, The Fairy Thief, will be arriving March 19th, 2023.

What people are saying about Katrina Mae Leuzinger...

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"Finishing The Fairy Thief was so bitter sweet. Definitely my all time favorite book. I loved every bit of the book.... except one thing. It had to end... I have honestly read this book about three times now, and I will probably read it another three times. Possibly more. Thank you Katrina for writing an amazing book."

- Brittany C.

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