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Video Game Project Manager and Editor
(2015 - Present)

I have contracted with Zimad Games and Crazy Maple Studios, helping to develop mobile and independent video games. My work has included project management, plot and story development, editing, and dialogue writing on ten different games including:

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(2015 – present)

Beyond video game scripts, I have also written commercials, PSA’s, documentaries, tourist information videos, plays, and a short fiction web series. My work has appeared on television, radio, and online.

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(2015 – present)

As a freelance journalist I conducted interviews, completed research, and wrote articles that were printed in 14 different publications including:

Novels, Short Stories, and Comics
(2006 – present)

As a ghostwriter I have worked with ten different repeat, confidential clients creating original short stories, screenplays, cookbooks, novellas, and novels, including Her Bear in Mind by Maria Amor. Works published under my own name include my comic "Wildfire" in the sci fi anthology All the King's Men and my upcoming urban fantasy novel, The Fairy Thief.

(2016 – present)

As an ad writer I was tasked with interviewing clients about their business and advertising needs and then writing the ad or advertorial. Presented draft projects to the clients for their approval and revised as necessary. My advertising work has appeared in several publications including:

Content Development and Blogging
(2014 – present)
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