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 Fucked Up Fairy Tales 

 and other short stories 

I don't believe I actually write short stories. Short stories are things that just sort happen to me. Without warning one will seize me, take over over, and withhold sleep until I get it on paper. The end results are what you see here – little stories that I remember writing, but couldn't tell you where they came from for the life of me.

Perhaps that's for the best, because if I really stopped to analyze where some of these ideas came from, I'd probably need a lot more Zoloft.

Goldilocks cover.jpg
Who's been sleeping in his wife's bed?
Mom's Apple Pie cover.jpg
This is about abuse. And repression. And living with monsters. It's not really about apple pie.
Magpie Cover.jpg
Something in the forest is watching over Julia.
A short story written under quarantine.
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