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Petra’s grandmother used to blame the fairies when things went missing around the house, but Petra didn’t really believe it until she caught one in the act. She also wasn’t expecting the thief to be a chaotic bi, knock down gorgeous fae called Raiker the Rogue, but then, Oma might have left a few things out of her bedtime stories. Like the fact that she had been hiding some sort of key, one that Raiker and a whole host of murderous, dark fairies are trying to find. With only her quick wit to protect her, Petra agrees to help Raiker find the key before the dark fairies do.


The Fairy Thief is a fast-paced urban fantasy that transports readers from the fae-infested streets of Los Angeles to the High Court of Queen Titania, meeting sweary leprechauns, baby-snatching changelings, and homicidal pixies along the way.

The Fairy Thief e-book

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